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Polyimide Film
Adhesive Tape
Fep Sheet&Film
Glass Fabric Cloth(7628)
Nizn Ferrite

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This site presents you:
Polyimide film,equivalent to Kapton HN,VN,FN(Fep FH,FHF),Silicone adhesive Polyimide tape,Acrylic coated Polyimide tape,copper clad polyimide sheet,Nomex laminated Polyimide sheet,Flame retardant plastic film(PP,PET) and extra big NiZn ferrite magnet etc.

As the sales unit,Profma International Co.,Ltd.plays a very important role among a Polyimide Manufacturer Association in China.Our goal is always to produce the best polyimide products and supply our customers with the right material in a quick and sincere manner.

Now company is engaged in more electrical insulation materials,including
--Polyimide film( Kapton Equivalent,HN,VN,FN,even HPP-ST),silicone adhevise PI tape/film,acrylic adhesive tape/film,copper clad polyimide sheet,Nomex laminated Polyimide film,and many other materials for general insulation purpose etc.
--You even will find the giant NiZn Ferrite Magnet in different shapes.We have the only Chinese factory which produces such big sizes.This magnet is used by the Institutes of Particle,Neutron,electron accelerators and in very high pulse power systems/stations.

Many thanks for our associated factories and all of our customers. With their support and cooperation,we are developing steadily and fastly.We never feel enough of what we are doing,and always promise at least that we can do the most proper things for all of our customers,including you,our honorable new customer.

Please contact us at any time,if you have any inquiry or questions about us and our materials.

Product List

             PI-H(Kapton HN)
             PI-V(Kapton VN)
             PI-F(Kapton FN)
             PI-VC(Voice core)
Adhesive Tape
FEP film & sheet
Glass fabric cloth (7628)
Flex Copper Clad PI
General Insulation

NiZn Ferrite Magnet
Feature Application
Cores Size

Tech Property
Sm Co

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