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PI-HB film is Bi-oriented Polyimide Film using an integrated production system from polymerization to film preparation. Strict quality control is being practiced. The film has some features including an excellent combination of mechanical , physical , chemical and electrical properties in a wide range of temperatures from -270¡æ to 400¡æ

Kapton PI-HB

Product features:

¡ï Maintains excellent mechanical stability£¬dimension stability in the range of temperatures from -270¡æ to 250¡æ with short-term run ability at ,,,,the temperatures up to 400;
¡ï Strong resistance to radiations and ultraviolet rays;
¡ï Resists high mechanical stress during assembly operations;
¡ï Excellent electrical insulation properties;
¡ï Outstanding resistance to most chemicals, solvents, lubricants and fuels;
¡ï Allows space and weight savings;
¡ï Excellent Tensile Strength in longitudinal and transversal direction;
¡ï UL approved



Flexible Printed Circuit and Insulation materials for heat-resistant electricity and cable etc.




1. Appearance£ºthe surface of film should be smooth and free from wrinkles ¡¢tearing¡¢ bubbles ¡¢pinholes and contaminations.
2. Width £ºas per customers' requirements, commonly the supplied width is ¡Ü1040mm¡£The fixed width tolerance range is ¡À2mm.
3. Length£º0.5mil 3000m/roll¡¢1mil 1500m/roll¡¢2mil 750m/roll¡¢3mil 500m/roll¡¢4mil 400m/roll¡¢5mil 300m/roll, or per customers' requirements¡£Commonly about1000 m/roll, joints¡Ü2-3£»about 1500 m/roll£¬joints¡Ü3-4.
4. Splice£ºbe adhered with tape which is within 5cm.The width of splice is within ¡À6 mm, and the splice is smooth and good without wrinkles.
5. Package£ºthe winding is tight, both sides are black , the surface is smooth and good ¡£Each roll is wrapped in PE or PP film and Aluminum Foil (min.1.5windings) ¡£Standard core's I.D. is 3¡åand 6¡å¡£Plastic or wooden side plate on each end, then roll with side plates is packed in carton box, carton box are stacked on plastic and wooden pallet,4 or 6 CTNS on a pallet.

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